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We are an advisory firm focussed on emerging markets providing advice to decision makers on public policy, investment and business strategy. When requested, we also provide technical analysis and research relating to economic or financial policy, as well as commercial decisions.


Our focus is on emerging markets and their interaction with the international economy. We work directly with decision makers in governments and companies operating in emerging markets on issues relating to public policy, as well as economic and business strategy. Our approach is strongly evidence-based; we provide high quality, tailor made and confidential advice, research and analysis. We draw on an extensive network of leading experts and practitioners. Any advice we provide is completely independent and we have no conflict of interest. We also provide a valuable sounding board or second opinion for proposals and advice coming from other institutions, such as international financial institutions.Our emphasis is on dimensions of economic and business strategy, policy-making and risk management that are central to a country or company’s future success. We strengthen decision makers’ ability to address these challenges.

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